Information for volunteers

We would like to inform you that the main entrance to the CEITEC MU building (E35) or the entrance from the Bohunice University Campus cannot be used to come to the measurements in the MAFIL laboratory. Please use the side entrance leading directly to the MR laboratories, described in the text below. Thank you for your understanding.

Dear visitor,

this page contains information for people who are interested in participating in research as volunteers and thus contributing to the development of neuroscience research. Below you will find general information about the examination. Information on how to get to MAFIL can be found at the bottom of this page.


In the long term, CF MAFIL seeks volunteers who are willing to participate in magnetic resonance (MR) measurements with a purpose of preparation of measurement protocols for new projects. We would like to emphasize that currently there are no known negative effects caused by MR examination and that this volunteering does not apply to measurement with the use of ionizing radiation (neither X-ray nor CT, both often incorrectly mistaken for magnetic resonance).

We would like to point out to all persons interested in the measurement that our activities are strictly of research nature and their results are applied in the field of neuroscience or medical research in general. Therefore, we cannot offer any examination to anyone performed with a purpose of clinical diagnosis and we are not able to consult clinical matter in any way. As volunteers, we can only accept healthy individuals able to perform the experimental task independently.

 How to sign in as volunteer

If you are interested in the research participation, do not hesitate to register into our volunteer database. After the registration, we will contact you to arrange an appointment and provide more detailed information. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email at

 Examination process

After arrival to the laboratory, every participant is requested to fill in a form with basic personal data and questions verifying the presence of metal objects in their body. Afterwards the examination process and, above all, eventual functional tasks, are explained. During such tasks, the volunteer for example performs a movement with a particular body part, watches or listens to visual or audio stimuli, makes up words, sentences etc. Apart from the experimental task measurement, a measurement of structural anatomical images is performed as well. These are used for more accurate localization of active parts and clearer graphic result presentation.

After acquainting with the process, the examined person changes into underwear and assigned shirt in a cabin, leaving there their personal belongings and decorations (such as earrings, necklaces, watches etc.).

The measurement itself takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes depending on the experiment length. Apart from that, it is necessary to take into account the preparation time (changing, task explanation, filling in the form) which can take approximately 15 minutes and also have some time in hand in case of any delay.

As an acknowledgement for participation in the measurement, the examined volunteer receives a CD with detailed anatomy images of the measured area.


  • Arrival of the participant to our laboratory.
  • Acquainting with the project, explanation of everything that can be expected, filling in the safety form and informed consent on participation in the project.
  • Preparation of the participant for the measurement – changing into assigned shirt, removing of all metal objects (jewellery, watches, telephone,…)
  • MR measurement – approximately 45-60 minutes

 Relative health limitations for MR measurement

Since this is an examination in a strong magnetic field, it is necessary to remove all metal objects before entering the examination room. If there are any permanent metal implants present in the body, it is necessary to inform the researcher in advance.

  • Pacemaker, defibrillator – with these devices it is not possible to participate in the examination.
  • Cochlear implant, insulin pump – if no certification on MR compatibility is presented, it is not possible to participate in the examination.
  • Surgery – it is suitable to participate in the examination minimum 6 weeks after any surgery in order to let the affected tissue heal and regenerate.
  • Artificial joints – nowadays MR compatible joint replacements are usually implanted and they allow the examination without any problem.
  • Dental implants and amalgams – there is no contraindication, it is possible to perform the examination without any restriction.
  • Removable dental prosthesis – it is better to remove the dental prosthesis from mouth before the examination in order to prevent any creation of eventual artifacts in the image.
  • Fixed dental braces – unfortunately, braces create a big artifact in the image, therefore we usually do not perform measurement of head area (regarding the measurement of other body parts, braces are not a problem). Retainers cause only a small artifact that does not impede head measurement.
  • Glasses – in need of vision correction, glasses in the scale of 2-5 dpt for short-sightedness or reading glasses are available. The volunteers’ own glasses generally include metal parts and it is not possible to use them during the measurement. Some contact lenses might cause complications, therefore, we request bringing your own lenses case (if the the operator concludes that it is necessary to remove the lenses).

 How to get to MAFIL

The measurements take place in the Central European Technological Institute of Masaryk University (CEITEC MU) building at the university campus in Brno-Bohunice, street address Kamenice 735/5, Brno. The access to the CEITEC building is from Studentská street. The following picture shows schematic map, the arrival route to MAFIL is marked. 

After the arrival from the terminal stop Studentská (formerly Univerzitní kampus - sever), first you will see the main entrance to the CEITEC building with a reception on the right side. Please follow the sidewalk around the building to short stairs leading to a door with a doorbell labelled "MR laboratory". The route is also marked by arrows with "magnetic resonance" text, please follow them.

By car, you can arrive from a roundabout taking the streets Netroufalky and Studentská. Parking is usually possible on both sides of the aforementioned streets or after prior agreement directly in front of the laboratory entrance (described above). Alternatively, the parking lots near OC Campus Square (TESCO) can be used as well.

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