Access modes

The laboratory can be used, thanks to its involvement in infrastructural projects (Czech-BioImaging and EuroBioImaging), by both internal and external interested persons. However, it is necessary to proceed in compliance with the rules of the respective research infrastructure and in compliance with rules of the institution or laboratory. The main principles are also described in the document Access to services of CF MAFIL.

General policies

  • Services and measurements are based on individual projects – a project is considered to be a set of measurements or complementary services realized for the project researcher (applicant) and his/her team in a particular time period, with a specific goal and typically defined devices, methods and parameters. Such defined project does not have to correspond with grant projects etc.
  • It is necessary to fill in a request for access of an external user project on the website of the relevant research infrastructure (CZBI open access and EUBI open access).
  • In terms of specification of the technical and economical requirements between the researcher and the laboratory, it is necessary to fill in the CF MAFIL access form for each project. This way it is determined who has access to the data, who can place orders in the planning board, what specific services will be provided etc. Therefore, the document defines the relationship between the researcher (research team) and the laboratory.
  • Individual isolated measurements having the nature of verification of technical possibilities of the devices may represent an exception from the standard process. Such measurements are carried out directly by the laboratory employees after an agreement with the researcher.

Access scheme for external academic workers