Research data handling

The handling of data generated in the MAFIL laboratory is governed by the measure of the CEITEC MU Director: Research Data Policy, which specifies generally applicable regulations, and the Core Facility Data Management document (below). All users of the laboratory (MU employees, external, commercial and others) are obliged to follow these documents and acknowledge the Core Facility in all results published based on the data obtained at the Core Facility (see Acknowledgment).

Core Facility Data Management


Applicable from

Data accesibility
User can request data at, then anonymized/pseudonymized version of the data is handed back to user in specified format by the agreed manner. Due complex nature of the data (personal information, medical information, clinical studies, etc.), each request is treated individually. 

Disk space quotas per user/measurement set
Not applicable to measured data. Curently all raw data are stored for at least 3 years since measurement (more if technically feasible). When user have access to CF MAFIL servers, there is a limitation of 0,5TB per user project.

Data storage
Depends on modality:
A) original MR data are stored at PACS (secure network infrastructure) for at least 3 years since measurement (more if technically feasible)
B) electrophysiological data as well as other measurement-related data (such as stimulation logfiles) are kept at secure server for at least 3 years since creation (more if technically feasible)
C) project folders with converted data for processing purposes at CF MAFIL servers (as long as necessary for data processing - data can be moved to archive after 2 months of inactivity or deleted after one year of inactivity)
D) when instruments are operated without presence of CF staff (such as TMS, simple physiological recordings) or using non-standard stimulation scripts or custom acquisition protocols, the user have full responsibility of such data and logfiles (they stay on the instrument where they were recorded); users are strongly advised to discuss data and logfile handling with CF staff in advance when preparing the project 

Preffered way of data transfer to users
Typically the data are handed using Filesender service upon user request. If user have access to CF MAFIL servers, data can be uploaded directly to project folder. For clinical studies it is also possible to send original MR data to collaborating healthcare facility (after prior agreement) via REDIMED service.

Destruction of old data
Depends on modality:
A + B) depending on technical limitations, recorded data are kept for 3 years (or more if possible), unless special data handling contract required and signed by user (such as measure&delete mode, commercial activities, contractual research), please note that after specified amount of time (based on Informed Consent) the data are fully anonymized, typically after 10 years
C) limited by available storage, users are always noticed in advance when changes have to be done to the project folder
D) if the data or logfiles doesn't follow standard CF protocols and procedures (such as local paths for regular storage backup), CF cannot ensure the integrity of such data; users are reminded to handle them on their own

Data security
Depends on modality:
A + B) no user access to original raw data at secure storage locations (becasue of personal and sensitive data)
C) separated project folders with restricted access based on AccessForm document
D) user's responsibility to backup/download/secure the data and logfiles

*The access to data A,B,C follows information in so called AccessForm document which is submitted to the CF head by project owner.

Handling of sensitive data
The data at CF MAFIL may contain both personal information and medical information. Only anonymized/pseudonymized version of the data is handed back to user. For clinical studies it is possible to hand original data (have to be discussed in advance).

Responsible person from CF
general contact for requests -
Responsible persons for data transfers and anonymization/pseudonymization:
Tomáš Slavíček -
Marie Nováková -