Acknowledgment for Czech-BioImaging project

The Core Facility is part of the national research infrastructure Czech-BioImaging funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Users are obliged to use the acknowledgment below in case they have used any laboratory service or support:

  • Measurements (instrument use, provided existing data, use of shielded rooms)
  • Data processing, script programming for data processing or experimental stimulation, expert consultation
  • Production of HW tools for studies
  • Use of servers and/or specialized software (BrainVision Analyzer, LCmodel, etc.)

Preferred version: 

„We acknowledge the core facility MAFIL supported by the Czech-BioImaging large RI project (LM2018129 funded by MEYS CR), part of the Euro-BioImaging ( ALM and Medical Imaging Node (Brno, CZ), for their support with obtaining scientific data presented in this paper.“

Short version:

​„We acknowledge the core facility MAFIL supported by MEYS CR (LM2018129 Czech-BioImaging), part of the Euro-BioImaging ( ALM and Medical Imaging Node (Brno, CZ).“


In case of creative input and/or substantial contribution from the CF staff to the publication, co-authorship should be always discussed between the CF Head and the PI of the project at the beginning of the measurement/service.

The following version of acknowledgment applies to specific cases:

  • when the user pays the "full" price for all services provided by the laboratory and does not use any support from the Czech-BioImaging project
  • where the grant provider does not recognize the distinction between infrastructure projects and scientific projects and requests an exclusive acknowledgment of the project code (e.g. AZV) for a publication

Preferred version:

„Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory of CEITEC Masaryk University is gratefully acknowledged for obtaining the scientific data presented in this paper.”

If you are unsure which version of the thank you to use, please contact the CF Head.