Address and Contacts

 Where to find us

The laboratory is located in the main CEITEC MU building (building E35 at University Campus MU). The entrance to the building is from Studentská street, near the terminal of bus line 40 - Studentská (formerly Univerzitní kampus - sever). See the campus scheme below. An autonomous separate entrance is marked on the plan which was created for the measurement participants in particular.

Participants coming for measurement have a separate entrance to the laboratory. More information and a plan can be found in the "Information for volunteers" section.

 Registered address

Multimodal and Functional Imaging Laboratory


Masaryk University

Kamenice 735/5

625 00 Brno

  Who to contact (key contacts)

Primary contact

MRA Laboratory

+420 54949 8501

MRB Laboratory

+420 54949 8502

EEG Laboratory

+420 54949 7797


+420 54949 7826

Operators and Technicians Room

+420 54949 8197

Head of Laboratory

+420 54949 6099

MR Technical Support

+420 54949 8197 / 7779

Elphys Technical Support

+420 54949 7801 / 8197

 Who to contact (according to purpose)

I have general enquiry on possibilities of
the laboratory use, cooperation, etc.

or directly the head of laboratory Michal Mikl

I need to get the measured
I need to be trained in order to enter the
I need an advice on data analysis

Morfometry – Radek Mareček

ASL – Martin Gajdoš

DWI/DTI – Lubomír Vojtíšek

MRS – Petr Kudlička

fMRI – Michal Mikl nebo Radek Mareček

EEG - Martin Lamoš

I have a technical question from the MRI
I have a technical question from the electrophysiology
I want to sign up as a volunteer for measurement

Registration form to volunteers database

other question to

I want to start with a project/measurement realization

or directly the head of laboratory Michal Mikl

 Employees Overview​

The list of all employees can be found here